A quick word on the topic, from the crew here at Rouxpor.

We are well aware of the effects that Covid-19 can have, not just regarding personal health and well being, but also on our careers in the aviation industry. During these uncertain times, it may be easy for us to give up hope on any sort of recovery for our industry. Although this may be a valid response to have, we feel that it is not entirely true. The virus will not be around forever. With advancements in the heath sector, and the proper do diligence on behalf of companies and customers around the world, (hopefully sometime soon) we will see the 

If you or someone you know has been effected by this virus in any way, on behalf of Rouxpor we would like to say that we are sorry.

Below is our companies Covid-19 policy.


Covid-19 Policy

We are proud to announce that like most retailers, we adhere to a strict policy regarding covid-19. Our aim is to keep our staff and customers safe at all times, and we set to accomplish these goals by following the rules and regulations listed below.

  1. All equipment used in our facility is to be sterilized at the start of the day, and immediately following any use throughout the shift. With a final cleaning taking place prior to leaving.
  2. Our facility is to be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day at intervals not exceeding 2 hours. 
  3. Products are to be stored in shelving units that are sorted by product type and colour, thus preventing the unnecessary contact of products that are not applicable to that order. 
  4. All orders are to be fulfilled by only one individual employee from start to finish. This way we can limit the amount of people who handle your order and the contents within it.
  5. Employees are required to maintain a safe social distance from one another that is equal to, or greater that 6 feet.
  6. Employees are required to wear the following personal protective equipment at all times when in or around our facility, and especially when handling our products. 
    • Rubber, latex, or cotton gloves
    • A n95 mask or equivalent face covering
    • Long sleeve shirts or sweaters, to fully cover any other areas of skin