About Us

Since our debut in early 2020, our founder (who is a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer), has been on a mission to provide members of the aviation industry, and enthusiasts alike, with both classic and modern fashionable products that cater to their interests.

Being based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, our design focus is centered around the popular essential silhouettes worn in everyday life. Simplicity in fashion is needed to curate a timeless, yet refined base for your wardrobe, which is exactly what we have set out to provide.

Drawing inspiration from Civil and Military Aviator wear, while simultaneously adhering to common fashion rules is no easy task. That is why the pieces in our collections are based on a select set of colour pallets. Thus allowing for it to work with any personal sense of style. Our choice in colours will however change from season to season as we expand on our existing, and future product lines.